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Errata to Hong Kong Landscapes, Along the Maclehose Trail

This page contains correction to the guide, based on personal observations and submissions by readers.

The authors welcome other corrections, which will be posted here and included in future editions.

From: K. Kaneko
Re: Trailnote 431, p.96
Mr. Kaneko has carried out research on tunnels in the New territories related to WWII. He notes that the two tunnels mentioned in the Trailnote were probably military in origin. They apparently do not connect and bend at their inner ends - a feature common to military defense tunnels. They also open on their inner sides, probably for storage.

The suggested origin of adit mining now seems less likely, though such activities were common in many parts of the territory, as outlined elsewhere in the book (e.g. Trailnote 712, p. 133).